Monday, April 19, 2021

Sure Officer, I Can Walk a Straight Line

So I got pulled over riding the bike around town. I only had one drink but the officer thinks I'm drunk. Maybe because I've never ridden a bike before in my life, well not one with a side car and all that. And there were pretty neon lights to look at! He probably just wants to check out my tush. 



The Bearded Guy - Only Blue
Part of the Under Control gacha collection at The Liaison Collaborative April 18 - May 10

Paper.Sparrow Penelope
Tummy showing skirt that is compatible with Maitreya, Slink Hourglass/Slink, Belleza Freya/Venus/Isis, Legacy. Several single colors to choose from or purchase the fatpack for bonus colors and textures. 

ZFG   Farryn Plaid 
Sinful thigh high boots rigged for Freya, Legacy, and Maitreya. 10 singles or fatpack with 2 bonus textures. This is on sale as a No Way Sales Event exclusive April 21

ZFG  Nova Plaid 
A barely there mini skirt which is compatible with Freya, Kupra, Legacy, and Maitreya in your choice of 10 single textures or fatpack with 2 bonus textures. 

.EscalateD. Loida 
Fitted hair in duo/streaks version includes 2 fitted sizes, StyleHUD, and Natural/Unnatural Essentials Universal HUDS. Other texture HUDs can be found at the main store, these are all Universal and work with all EscalateD hairstyles. I am wearing textures from the Goth Glitters HUD.  05 Mar - 28 Mar - The Darkness 

Fashiowl - Sidecar 
 Prop with 10 poses, 10 separate poses, pose stand included. 

::Loa:: Gaia Skin 
LeLutka Evolution  applier worn with LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Gothic Contemplation


 Black and hot pink kind of goes together I think. What do you think?


VENGE - 'Midnight Sakura' Stiletto Nail Applier 
This great nail palette works ONLY with the Venge Stiletto Nails which are available in the main store and rigged to fit Maitreya and Legacy. An exclusive at  Chronicles & Legends April 10 - May 2

.EscalateD. Fortune Streaks/Duo, 2 fitted mesh sizes with mirrors

Sassy Sweet Poses - Attitude Fatpack
Includes 5 bento poses. 

Six Feet Under  - Mania Veil 
Unrigged with texture HUD. This is an exclusive at the Darkness Event April 5-30

MOoH! Isobel top
 With 17 color HUD. Fits Altamura, Classic mesh, Ebody Classic/Curvy, Freya/Isis/Venus, Hourglass/Physique,  Legacy/Perky, Maitreya Lara/Petite, Signature Alice, Star,  and Tonic Curvy/Fine/Minimizer. This is a TeleportHUB Group Gift! 

Also worn 

CATWA HDPRO MajerSoft with included skin

Legacy Classic mesh body

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

You Had Better Say Your Prayers


As she enter the darkened church, you do not see anyone inside at first. A hiss from ahead of your grabs your attention and it is in that moment you see her, and you are seen. With fangs bared and a gleam in those devilish eyes, you know you had better say your prayers..


Petrichor - Darkling Vys
A new gacha that is compatible with Freya, Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy Perky, Legacy, Lara, and V-Tech. Body, Bolero, Braidbow, Horns, Legs, animated Needle, and animated Orb just to name a few items you could win. This is coming soon to  The Epiphany April 15

VENGE - 'Red Dragon' Stiletto Nail Applier
Note: These can only be used with the Venge Stiletto mesh nails for Legacy, Signature, and Maitreya.  Both are available for purchase at Fetish Fair April 10 - 24

Goth1c0: Dark Creature eyes 
Mesh and system eyes in 7 colors

KUNI - Lisa (All Colors) 
Includes 3 mesh sizes, all colors in one purchase except the bangs which are included in the style HUD sold separately

The Bearded Guy - Confess Backdrop
Another fantastic backdrop build which can be found at the Eclectic Event March 24 - April 18

Also worn 
CATWA HDPRO MajerSoft with included skin

Legacy Classic mesh body

Friday, April 9, 2021



It rushes in and overtakes you. There is no time to prepare when the Hunger draws near and the world turns red. 


NO Match -  NO HORIZON C  

 Unisex hair comes in 2 female sizes and size for men. Includes essentials and ombre HUDs. This is a group gift!

-Elemental- 'Spray' makeup 

8 different colors of BOM/tattoo layers

Petrichor- Spiredemon Eyes

100% custom mesh and textures, HUD controlled, shine shading, pupils, animations and bases. 20 total colors HUD

Petrichor- Vylinu Outfit 

 Top and Skirt in sizes to fit Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Lera, and Legacy. Texture HUD included. 

ZFG  Farryn

 16 single colors to choose from or  purchase all in a 20 color fatpack. Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, and Belleza Freya. An exclusive at Darkside 6 April 10 - 31

The Bearded Guy - Bloody Red Lighting Room Backdrop 

3 different lighting room colors available. This is an exclusive at the Stardust Event April 6 - May 1

Sassy Sweet Poses Attitude fatpack 

Includes 8 poses with mirrors and stand.

(HDPROCatwa MajerSoft with included skin 

[LEGACY] Meshbody Special Edition 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Another Unfortunate Soul


Tentacles reach up to grab another poor unsuspecting soul who had simply come over to look at the strange phenomenon of lights happening beneath the water's surface. 


The Bearded Guy - Free Gift - The Inception Green

This amazing backdrop is a FREE group gift at the main store! 

~Be My Mannequin~ Poor Unfortunate Soul

 Includes tentacle props and pose. An exclusive at Necrosis- Leviathan March 26 - April 9

Addicted Apothecary - Lady Lovecraft Stilettos 

Compatible with Maitreya, this is an exclusive at Necrosis- Leviathan  

Dark Love - Telquin

 Outfit includes harness, headband, pasties, skirt, and tentacle horns. Compatible with Freya, Legacy, Maitreya,, the pasties and harness are also compatible with Perky. Includes texture HUD and is available at Necrosis- Leviathan  

FABIA-<Norma> Red

Part of a great gacha collection now available at the main store.

LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0

Maitreya Lara Body

Friday, April 2, 2021

A Priestess With a Temper

Magic and mystery surround this priestess. Beware of making her angry. 


The Bearded Guy - Quacker Ambar - Raid Hurricane
Part of a great gacha collection, which you can play or simply purchase all in a fatpack. Available at Mancave  March 17 - April 11

Milk Tea -Teeny Panties (Black)
BOM and applier panties in white and black

No Match~ NO_OCEAN 
Includes mesh hair, both BOM and applier hairbases, and texture HUDs. This is a group gift. 

Petrichor - Koakyn Tattoo & Fade 
Fade and Tattoo are separate, BOM tattoo, different opacities, tintable/moddable

Petrichor -  Korsik Hollow Orb [Bento] 
Includes animated Orb and eyes with texture HUD. Materials enabled, 11 bento poses, 100% original mesh and textures moddable. This is an exclusive at the Engine Room March 20 - April 20

Witch)0(Craft - Skadi Top
 5 different versions to choose from, fits Freya, Hourglass, Legacy, and Maitreya. On sale at Unik April 7 - 28

Six Feet Under - Priestess Headdress
Unrigged, resizeable, includes texture HUD

VAIN - Scratch Tag
10 different designs to choose from or purchase them all in a fatpack. Compatible only with Lelutka Evo X

Animare Pose

LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0 with included skin
[LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Special Edition (1.4)

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Holding Court Beneath the Surface

The sea witch holds court today, the book of shadows within her arms and she awaits those who she will help or destroy to come to her with their wishes. 



Witch)0(Craft Book of Shadows

Holding and floatable versions available. Bento animation holding pose included. On sale at Necrosis - Leviathan March 26 - April 9

What's Lost Spirits - Lovecraft Throne

Seats 1 Avatar and includes 13 solo sits. This is an exclusive at Necrosis - Leviathan 

Zond Deep Sea Fish Light

On/off light by touch. Casts an eerie glow about the room.  This can be found at at Necrosis - Leviathan 

Zond:  Dr. Awkward

Comes in two sizes, he's ready to make housecalls or execute on the witch's command. On sale at at Necrosis - Leviathan 

Germinal  - Akylios Tattoo

Unisex tattoo that is compatible with Maitreya and Signature via applier. Slink, Belleza and other bodies via Omega HUD. Also included BOM layers. Three shades ( fresh, faded, and old). On sale at at Necrosis - Leviathan 

Wicca's Originals - Reaper Eye

Unrigged and unisex. Comes with right/left option, nose piece and texture change HUD with 10 metal colors. 

Infernal Alchemy Siren

Available in three different versions ( Tidal Terror shown here), this is a Maitreya only exclusive. 

Beauty of Darkness Sasha Crosses Bom & Tint ears

Bom and Tint with multi level tint HUD. 25% off at Necrosis. 

Stargazer Creations Variety Skin Set BOM - Northern Night

BOM only skin includes BOM eyes

.EscalateD. Coco

Includes natural/unnatural Essentials texture HUDs, rigged hair, materials changeable via HUD, streaks version.